To all the Clinton haters I would point out that in 1983 over 300 people were killed in attacks on the U.S. embassy and a marine barracks in Lebanon. By all accounts the Reagan administration was inept at security. There could have been plenty of personal and political blame. Instead Democrats in Congress joined Republicans in truly bi-partisan hearings focused on improving security, not political gain or blaming particular members of the Reagan administration who clearly screwed up. By comparison Benghazi is trivial. And all the hearings have been focused on political gain and blame instead of improving security. Maybe President Obama shouldn’t have been so magnanimous when he first took office by not tying up the congress in hearings about how President Bush committed treason by lying to get us to invade the wrong country. That was big. Benghazi? It’s a dangerous world, but apparently nowhere near as dangerous as when a Reagan or Bush or other Republican is in charge.